Sunday, 1 May 2016

APRIL: 2° grade H.S. Students Workshosps on Olympic Games

During April, our 2nd graders (H.S.) students contributed with their grupal works to be published, becoming pioneers on our English subject project.

Specifically, the classes of 19, 26 and 29 of April, were destinated to deep reading and investigation about one sport or discipline considered by Olympic Games.

The activity took place on our comfortable English laboratory and receiving virtual and personalized feedback from the teacher in charge Miss Francisca Fuentes N.

Each group decided its topic, and elaborated one document discriminating and editing the following information required:* Sport description* Pieces of News related to each sport* Major exponent* Chilean exponent / news* Introduce 5 new words vocabulary about the sport.

Then, students gave a blog's format to sent it to their teacher and finally be published.

THANK YOU 2nd graders!!! Here we Go!

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