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Tennis is one of the most popular and practiced throughout the world sports, meanwhile, practice takes place in a field that is characterized by flat terrain, clay or cement, rectangular in shape and is divided into two sections by a network.


In the tennis world all speak the expected replacement of the national sport, after the last golden ages with Fernando Gonzalez, Nicolas Massu and Marcelo Rios .And apparently there is a name that can make this "new air". It is Ignacio Garin Christian Medone player, 16, who made history by winning his first ATP match in his debut in Vina de Mar. 


Andy Murray
 He was born on May 15, 1987 in Glasgow, Scotland.
Son of Will and Judy Murray. His brother Jamie played professional tennis in doub
With three years she started playing tennis in his hometown. He came to play his first tournament at the age of five years and participated in the Central District Tennis League when he was eight, facing adults.


Christian Ignacio Garin Christian Medone (Iquique, May 30, 1996) 2 3 is a Chilean professional tennis player. Currently the number 333rd ATP1 ranking in singles, and his best position was 225 ° in February 2015. In doubles was 316 in May 2015. It is the 12th-ranked sub 20.4 in May. 


Raqueta: racket
Pelota: ball
Zapatillas: sneakers
Muñequera: bracer
Gorra: cap
Arbitro de tenis: umpire 

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